Graham Nasby

Grhaham Nasby

Graham Nasby is an industry-recognized leader in the OT (operational technology), SCADA, and industrial automation sectors for his efforts in cyber security best practices, standards development, alarm management, and operational efficiency. Through his work with the ISA, CSA, ANSI and IEC, he has co-authored international standards on systems design, cyber security, industrial automation, alarm management, and HMI systems. Graham has multi-industry experience, ranging from technical to project/program management, in the pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, nanotechnology, process, and rail transport industries. He is based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Graham is also an amateur clarinet player who has spent the last 30 years playing with various bands, orchestras, and small ensembles. Currently he plays clarinet with the Hart House Orchestra at the University of Toronto. He also owns a pair of Basset Horns, which has given him several opportunities to perform the Mozart Requiem and Gran Partita with his clarinet-playing friends. In concert bands, he can often be found playing regular clarinet, Eb clarinet, Bass clarinet, or Contrabass clarinet. When not playing music, Graham enjoys hiking, sailing, and mountain biking.