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The Nine Types Of Section String Players

This is one of those Xerox things that turns up in all workplaces. We've no idea where it came from but would like to give credit if you know who the author is.
TYPE            BEHAVIOR                 ADVANTAGES       DRAWBACKS

Brown-noser     Continually chats        Always has a     Receives favors
                with conductors          pencil handy.    from management.
Entertainer     Attracts attention       Never a bore     Likely to get you
                                                          into trouble.

Know-it-all     Checks for misprints     Conscientious    Will point out
                in loud, exposed runs                     your mistakes.

Space Cadet     Stares into space        Pleasant         Shares unusual
                                                          insights with you.

Show-off        Practises before, after  Lots of stamina  Never stops playing
                and *during* rehearsals

Talentless Worm Tone-deaf and dumb       Unfailingly      Will never retire.

Whiner          Complains constantly     Easily cowed     Likely to be
                                                          your standpartner

Stoic           Does job,                Does job,        Suffers Quietly
                goes home.               goes home

Stud/Sex Kitten  Smiles invitingly       Will sleep       Will tell everyone
                                         with you


Last updated: November 26, 2005