Graham Nasby


Where the heck is Guelph?

Guelph is where I live!

Guelph is a medium-sized Canadian city with a population of about 140,000. It is located in south-western Ontario, about a 45 minute drive from Lake Ontario. Guelph is known for many things. It is primarily a manufacturing centre that also is home to the University of Guelph. Guelph also have a very active and lively music and arts community. More information about Guelph can be found on the offical City of Guelph website.

[map - Guelph - in the world]
[map - Guelph - Ontario, Canada]

Note: I actually really wonder why so few people have a section on their website like this. The Internet is a world-wide phenomenon, so in essence I could be located anywhere on the globe. To you "Guelph" probably doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of location, so here is a map help you getacquainted.


Last updated June 1, 2002.